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This concept in the Bowen Theory is an adaptation of Walter Toman’s work on the personality profiles of each sibling position. The degree to which the sibling profile fits the “normal” provides a way of understanding the level of differentiation and the projective process from generation to generation. It also suggests a means of understanding how a particular child is chosen to be involved in the family projective process. As an example, when an oldest turns out to be more like a youngest child, indications are that this is the child who was most triangled by the parents. Knowing the profile provides insight for understanding the mix in marriages, i.e., an oldest married to an oldest often produces “seniority” conflicts in the marriage.


Jennifer gained her first exposure to the Bowen Theory through her work at Comprehensive Community Care in Chattanooga, TN, where she met Jean Blackburn and began attending Bowen training sessions.  Jennifer’s natural curiosity for knowledge led her to pursue another undergraduate degree in Nursing. She became a nurse and program director for Comprehensive Community Care. She has also worked as an RN for the Crisis Stabilization Unit in Chattanooga. In 2007, Jennifer applied to Vanderbilt School of Nursing to obtain her Masters of Science in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing. Jennifer received her degree in 2009 and took a position at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL. She worked as a nurse practitioner for the inpatient unit at the Stone Institute of Psychiatry for two years.  Jennifer’s southern roots brought her back home to Chattanooga, where she works for Mountain Valley Mental Health providing care to patients in an under-served rural community. Jennifer continued to demonstrate her interest in Bowen Theory by enrolling in and completing the Bowen Family Systems Theory training program in Chattanooga in 2012-13. Jennifer is excited to be a new Board Member and expects to continue her pursuit of knowledge and the application of Bowen Theory in her work and everyday life.​

Jennifer Miller
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