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Kay Sanford

Interim Executive Director


Ishmael Sanford

Administrative Assistant

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Tanya Goodpasture


Kay Sanford, MBA, CFBA, CWBA

Interim Administrator

Kay Sanford is an owner/ partner of  multi-generational family businesses, with long experience in navigating the occasional rough waters where business and relationships collide. She serves as CEO for Hutcheson Properties, Inc. and is Vice- President of the board of SFSC, Inc. In 2008, the desire to lead through a consistent, coherent framework drew her to the serious study of Bowen Family Systems Theory. Her work in that area, over the years, has particularly focused on how relationship dynamics affect business functioning. 

Kay holds an MBA (Honors) from the University of South Carolina, Aiken; and also holds a degree from Rhodes College. She holds certificates from the Family Firm Institute in Family Business and Family Wealth Advising. Her training in Bowen Family Systems Theory comes from study that includes work in the Post-Graduate Program at the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family (Georgetown, DC),  with Navigating Systems and with the Family Firm Institute. She also serves on the Faculty of the Bowen Theory Education Center (Chattanooga).

Promoting clarity as the heart of mindful leadership, Kay offers sessions in NeurOptimal Neurofeedback as a supplement to her coaching with leaders.

Ishmael Sanford

Administrative Assistant

Ishmael is a second year college student with a penchant for technology and he is working towards a degree in Computer Science. He has a love for music and filmography and has developed skills in graphic design and photo editing. 

Tanya Goodpasture

Tanya Goodpasture is an invaluable member of the BTEC family. Her attention to detail and knack for spreadsheets is an invaluable asset to the organization. She keeps us all straight. 

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