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Nuclear Family Emotional System

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This concept describes the course of the family projective process through multiple generations and is inevitable though variable. In the nuclear family, one child is more involved in the projection process than others. Thus he comes out with a lower level of differentiation than others. Others are involved minimally with the emotional process of the parents. They emerge at a higher level of differentiation. In the multigenerational transmission process there are individuals who emerge at a higher level, the same level, or a lower level of differentiation as the parents. Thus, descendants evolve with lower and lower levels of differentiation and eventually dysfunctioning occurs. Likewise, there some descendants evolve at a higher level of functioning. Thus, a balance in the system.

Nuclear Family Emotional System

Stephanie provides individual and family therapy in an outpatient setting and is an Adjunct Professor in the Social Work Department at UTC. She was introduced to Bowen Family Theory while in graduate school and again by The Dwyers and Jean Blackburn. She began the Bowen Theory Education Training Program in 2016 and continues every year.

Stephanie Nelson
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