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Family Projection Process

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This concept was added to the theory in 1975. It deals with the emotional process between the generations. It describes the way that people deal with the unresolved emotional attachments to their parents. All people have some unresolved attachments to their parents. However, the lower the level of differentiation, the more intense the attachment. There are various mechanisms individuals use to cutoff with parents. Typical cutoff methods are:

a) Physical distance – moves to another part of the country; make only duty visits to parents.

b) Remain in the same geographic area but be uninvolved in the lives of their parents.

c) Remain in the home of the parents.

Today a common version of the emotional cutoff is the “generation gap.”

Family Projection Process

Colleen Maillie, M. Div., began her studies of Family Systems Theory in 2006 during her 4 units of Clinical Pastoral Education at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville. In 2010, Colleen began her formal studies of Family Systems Theory through the Post-Graduate Program at The Bowen Center for the Study of the Family at Georgetown, in Washington, D.C., completing two years of study and attending symposiums. She is an active member of the Bowen Theory Education Center in Chattanooga where she continues her work in theory.

Colleen Maillie
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