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Family Diagram

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The Family Diagram is a primary tool for the study of the family. Dr. Bowen developed this tool as a way to track the emotional process in a family.

Family Diagram

Kay began participating in the Bowen Theory Education Center Training Program in 2011, and has been an active participant every year since. She began facilitating for the Center in 2015. In 2017, BTEC expanded their training to include an Advanced Series in which Kay is an active participant.  She has served on the Board since 2017, and was recently invited to become associate faculty. She has attended Navigating Systems in Washington, DC. She is also a currently in the Post Graduate Training Program and Bowen Theory in Organizations at the Center for the Study of the Family in Georgetown. Her focus is on applying the theory in her family and in family businesses. Kay offers sessions in NeurOptimal Neurofeedback as a supplement to coaching.

Kay Sanford
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