Our Guest Speaker for 2019

The Theory of Human Behavior described by Dr. Bowen stemmed from his insight into how people function in Families. This new approach to Psychotherapy was responsible for the progression from Individual to Family Therapy, and the understanding that the Family is the Emotional Unit.

Andrea Maloney-Schara met Dr. Bowen in 1976 when she was working as an Alcohol Treatment Counselor. It was an extraordinary meeting for both, she having at that time her first two years of college and no knowledge of the remarkable journey he was pursuing, yet their perpetual curiosity about human functioning was fortuitous for both. Bowen took to Schara’s wit and intellect and invited her to enroll in his evolving Post-Graduate Program which was engaged in the search for the Science of Human Behavior.

After four years in the Program, he asked her to accompany him as Videographer on his many speaking engagements throughout the country. As he told her then, it would be easier to teach her to make videos than to teach someone Bowen Theory. And the ride was on. Over the period from 1980 until his death in October, 1990, Ms. Schara traveled and taped everywhere Bowen went, creating the largest collection of Psychiatric Audio-visual material ever produced. The Collection now resides in the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

Of all the stories which may be told about their experiences, none is so salient as the resounding resonance between them as she listened, questioned and absorbed his Theory of Systems Thinking. What you will hear in her presentation is a combination of anecdotes of Bowen, his unique manner of reading people, his astounding ability to phrase the right question, and Schara’s mastery of knowledge in Bowen Concepts.

Andrea attained a BS Degree from Georgetown University, and was awarded a license in Social Work in the District of Columbia. And, in 1976 she trained in Biofeedback with Dr. Lilian Rosenbaum. In 1985 she completed a 10 year study of families with AIDS, later to be a part of a book by Dr. Peter Titelman not yet published. She was an officer in the American Cybernetics Society. She was appointed a Faculty Member at the Georgetown Family Center and served until 2011, at which time she joined the Faculty of Navigating Systems in DC. Andrea is a Founding Member of The Murray Bowen Archives Project and has supervised and personally conducted 35 Audiotape Oral History interviews with individuals who knew Bowen.

Andrea’s Clinical practice consists of coaching clients and of teaching professionals Leadership skills, utilizing Bowen Theory and incorporating Neurofeedback.

Her book, Your Mindful Compass, reflects her amazing aptitude for understanding the humanness we share, foibles and fables alike, and her ability to stick with the intellect in the face of the sea of emotion which surrounds us all. Out of her processing comes some astute reflections and engaging suggestions on how to think ourselves through challenging relationships.

Bowen Theory offers all of us an abundance of ways to understand our family, decrease symptoms, and increase our ability to be more present in our important relationships, all of which contribute to living A Better Life.

Attendees may find the subject demanding, yet for those seeking breakthrough strategies for navigating life/work relationships the effort will prove uniquely valuable.