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The Bowen Theory Education Center Welcomes
Dr. Roberta Gilbert MD
Dr. Roberta Gilbert MD

Psychiatrist Dr. Roberta Gilbert’s primary interest for the past thirty years is Bowen family systems theory and its applications for individuals, families, organizational leaders and therapists. She is a prolific author and has published six books.  Her first book, Extraordinary Relationships: A New Way of Thinking About Human Interactions, is the theme of this year’s Symposium.  A revised updated version will be published this year.

Dr. Michael Kerr, M. D., former Director of the Bowen Center, described her book as “ A refreshing alternative to common self-help approaches”.  Dr. Gilbert will also focus her presentation on transforming any relationship into an extraordinary relationship.  In addition to food, water, and shelter, relationships are key elements in determining the quality and duration of an individual’s life.  As is the focus of the training in the Bowen Theory of human behavior. Dr. Gilbert will aid participants in recognizing that only by developing yourself can you further develop your relationships.

She has been a faculty member at the Bowen Center since 1988, serving as a presenter and supervisor.  She is an editorial consultant for the Bowen Center publication, Family Systems, and a regular presenter at the Clinical Conferences.

Dr. Gilbert resides in Pompano Beach, Florida where she is writing a new book.
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