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Dottie Powell - B.S.; M.S.S.W.; L.C.S.W.

Licensed Clinical Social Work in State of Tennessee

Dottie graduated with a B.S. from Covenant College and obtained a Masters of Science Degree in Social Work from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. 

She has served as a social worker in a rehabilitation hospital; a Clinical Social Worker for Fort Wood Mental Health Center and Family and Children’s Services, and as Director of Social Work in a local home health care agency. Additionally, she has served as the Director of Senior Services (a long-term Medicaid program) in Chattanooga. For the past 15 years, she has been in private clinical practice with a specialty in trauma, working with children and adults. Dottie also specializes in working with adopted children with attachment issues and their families. Dottie completed her training in the Chattanooga Bowen Theory Education Center Training Program in 2012-13.